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Gloss Club Ballarat-Empowering Girl's to believe in themselves

Our weekly Club sessions provide a safe and supportive environment where girls can come together and develop confidence, discuss weekly joys, share challenges of the week, develop friendships and engage in fun and interactive activities.

The Gloss Club is an extra curricular activity with a unique difference.

Most extra curricular activities focus on the outcome, we focus on the process along the way to achieve the outcome.

Our club runs for 9 weeks each term and covers the following topics.

Week 1: Individuality & Identifying Strengths

Week 2: Social Skills

Week 3: Positive Friendships

Week 4: Friendship Fires & Bully Proof Skills

Week 5: Growth Mindset

Week 6: Resilience/Adversity

Week 7: Gratitude & Relaxation

Week 8: Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies

Week 9: Reflection

 ( Parent's collect their child after the workshop session is complete)

Girl's can attend for just one term or come along all year (Different activities every term)

We explore these topics through movement, worksheets, journals, vibrant discussion, active games, role play and art/craft and real life.

Our session topics are based on Positive Psychology Principles and delivered by a way of fun, creative and engaging activities.

Girl's come away from our sessions knowing themselves better, understanding the power they have over their own lives, with increased social awareness.

Parent's and Caregiver's are supplied with workshop information, to encourage and continue the skills developed in the sessions, into life skills.

Our workshop facilitator is trained in First Aid (Education and Care Setting)  Well-Being Instructor for girls,  WWCC and Police Check.

Workshop sessions are not intended to replace the advice of or treatment by other health-care professionals. It should be considered an additional resource only. Questions and concerns about mental health should always be discussed with a doctor or other health-care professionals.



I thought it was good and I love how the club is fun and lets me be myself.

Rachel- Ballarat

My first session at GirlGlossOphy helped me learn about me and I made new friends. I love it so much and am very looking forward to going back.


I wish there was something like this for me when I was growing up.