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Your guide to the important stuff!

The Wellness of Skincare 

Right now, it is more important than ever as Grandmother's, Mother's, Daughter's, Sister's and Friend's to CELEBRATE the skin we are in and our uniqueness!

Social media channels have overwhelmed us with unrealistic images of what "beauty" is perceived to be - air brushed models, cosmetic surgery and the list goes on.

These unrealistic expectations lead to low self-esteem and a need to change how we naturally look.

Even adult women often find it challenging to connect with their natural beauty and embrace the changes of time, gracefully.

A space to come to for ideas, techniques, inspiration, knowledge and the tools to support you to feel empowered in your natural "beauty" GirlGlossOphy  xx‚Äč

GirlglossOphy have a Professional Beauty Therapist on their team, who is a self-care advocate and well-being instructor for girls. Our Therapist wants to share some of their knowledge around all things relating to self-care, wellness and beauty to inspire a healthy approach.